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Roster Move: Colts sign RB Spencer Ware to a 1-year deal

Baltimore Ravens v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

Despite forgoing the position in the draft the Colts have added some depth to their running back room this offseason by signing Spencer Ware.

Given the youth at the running back position, adding the 27-year-old Ware to the mix should help add maturity in the meeting room and more competition, which has been a goal for this team across the board. Ware spent the past 3 seasons as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs, overlapping with Chris Ballard’s time there and giving him some familiarity with Ware as a player.

Ware has been signed to a one year $1.305M deal which has $2.05M in incentives.

The Colts have been big proponents of short term incentive driven deals, and this is another solid one that should provide opportunity for Ware and a bridge for the Colts as they develop their young talent and fill out their running backs room.

Frank Reich may not have gotten the assets added to the offense he might have liked exclusively in the draft, but it is definitely true that Ballard has not neglected the offensive side of the ball this offseason. This should be a very competitive unit, and it will be interesting to see how Ware contributes.