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Colts fans remain the most confident in the AFC South about the team’s direction

NFL Draft Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

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Last season saw the Colts go on a playoff run that resulted in a road win in Houston and a tough loss in Kansas City. It saw a young team with a new coaching staff find their identity on offense, and a core of young defensive players emerge as the future for the team. It probably didn’t hurt that star quarterback Andrew Luck returned to form after a protracted absence due to his shoulder surgery.

The influx of young talent in the 2018 draft class transformed the team on both sides of the ball, taking them from middling team led by a backup quarterback to a contender led by a top 5 quarterback. The coaching staff for the first time since the Peyton Manning Era seemed to be the group that more often than not was a step ahead of the competition, moving pieces around the field on both sides of the ball to wrong-foot their opponents.

Chris Ballard has successfully and in short order righted the ship and instilled a culture and mindset inside the organization that everyone has bought into, and that includes the fans. Last year, Colts fans were almost disturbingly even keel in terms of their expectations for the team going forward.

When we sent out our FanPulse surveys, the numbers just kept coming back steady for Colts fans. The front office bought themselves enough good will so far that fans have had faith in their methods and have confidence that they will make the best decisions for the team in the long term.

All this makes it no real surprise that Colts fans clocked in at a 98% confidence rating in terms of their feelings about the direction of the team in our post-draft survey. That is the highest in the AFC South by a wide margin, with the Titans next at 84%, followed by the Jaguars at 71%, and then the Texans at 42%.

That number is the same as it was at the end of the 2018 season, and with nearly all of the starters returning from last season, and a few key additions in free agency and the draft, it looks like another good year to be a Colts fan.