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Colts Cast: Colts touting a top-3 NFL offense?; Derek Ciapala interviews Matt Danely

It appears that we’ve hit the dreaded dead zone in the NFL schedule. The Colts have held their rookie mini camp, and there are additional activities in the offseason period where we’ll have some substance, but we’re closing in quickly on the quietest part of the year.

On today’s show, Matt Danely will discuss some of the Indianapolis Colts’ latest news including a recent story from Chris Wesseling where he’s ranked/graded what he defines as the league’s top-10 offenses for the 2019 season. Matt follows Chris’ logic, and adds his own two cents.

Additionally, we sort of turn the tides on the show as Derek Ciapala interviews Matt and gets into the receiving corps, how the work that Chris Ballard and Frank Reich has been so seamless, Andrew Luck’s continued progression, the improvement of the speed, youth and talent to the defense and much more.

This Colts’ draft class, their modest free agency period and those we’re excited to see return to the field are also analyzed.

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