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Stampede Blue Podcast Update (Struggles Abound) plus a New Episode!

Standby for videos and podcasts that clearly need edited.

Divisional Round - Indianapolis Colts v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

Well hello, Colts fans! Jared here with an announcement and gifts! First, we hope this finds you well and we hope you’re as excited as we are about the upcoming season. You may have noticed that as of about a month ago, Matt Danely stepped away from his podcast here at Stampede Blue. We wish him well and will welcome him back should he choose to do so. I admit up front that I cannot replace Matt’s effort and consistency. We can’t do that as a staff, either, but we’re going to try as hard as we can.

Just about the entire team stepped up and said they wanted to help out turning the corner. Literally almost every single Stampede Blue staff member offered to try to take a load off of whoever jumped in first. Fan favorite Chris Blystone will be taking the reigns in terms of who’s in charge of organizing all of this work and will be putting out content of his own. I’m not going to lie to you, when Brett was asked to take over Stampede Blue a couple years ago, I was just proud of Brett and wished him well. I never thought I’d join him and certainly didn’t think I’d be here.

For the last two years, I’ve done “post game wraps”. Basically, after every Colts game, I sit down and try to iterate in 5-7 minutes what went on in case you missed it or enjoy my content. I’ve written here and there, but frankly, writing isn’t satisfying to me. I went to Chris and Brett recently and told them I wanted to create a podcast. Stephen Reed and I spoke and decided to team up for one.

It was a rocky ride, but we learned a lot, have a lot to learn and ultimately, we came away saying “Hey! I’m really excited about this!” That’s all that matters, right!?

First, I want to show you the announcement video I shot. Initially, I wanted to call Stephen and I’s podcast “The Air Raid Podcast”. Get it? Jared (Air) Reed (Raid). Anyway. If you’re a fan of college football, you know that Texas Tech is where the Air Raid offense was coined, and of course their fans have a podcast already named that. So, watch this video and just pretend I didn’t use some other podcast’s name instead. Oops!

Let me tell you about this day. First, we neither went live 15 minutes later nor did we wax poetic. I can hardly rhyme and basically, I thought I knew more than I knew going into it.

I should’ve created a post for this before the podcast, but again, first timer here.

I want to shoot a live podcast (video unnecessary, I mean look at me), and also be able to take calls during the show. Budget is a minor concern, however. YouTube is a platform we already use, so I figured why not broadcast live?

Reason? You can’t hear my guests. Here.

I’m sure that at this point, you’re either tired of my voice or simply tired of long periods of silence with only my occasional “Right.”

Fortunately, I recorded the conversation I had with Stephen Reed, converted the MP4 that Skype creates for me into an MP3 and posted in on Megaphone. Here.

Again, this was not perfect execution. I am easily discouraged, so it took me a couple days to get my head around how to present this to you as fans. We all struggle, and I hope for you, if anything, you realize that even when it’s something you really want to do or something you’ve been thinking about doing, mistakes happen. We will get better.

Want to help? Talk to me, Goose!