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Will the Colts be active in the 2019 NFL Supplemental Draft?

NFL Combine - Day 1

With just over two weeks until training camp begins, the last hurrah of the offseason arrives today in the form of the 2019 NFL Supplemental Draft. The Supplemental Draft is primarily an event for players who have lost their eligibility at the NCAA level, often because of discipline by the school or the NCAA for any number of infractions. Players who no longer have eligibility but did not declare for the draft may be eligible for the Supplemental Draft.

This year there are 5 players who are eligible to be selected in the 2019 Supplemental Draft:

  • Devonaire Clarington, TE, Northland
  • Shyheim Cullen, LB, Syracuse
  • Bryant Perry, DB, St. Francis
  • Marcus Simms, WR, West Virginia
  • Jalen Thompson, S, Washington State

While the Supplemental Draft can often be uneventful, last year saw two selections. CB Sam Beal was taken in the 3rd round by the New York Giants and CB Adonis Alexander was taken in the 6th round by the Washington Redskins.

Teams place bids on a player they wish to draft by sending an email to the league with the round they would draft the player in. Picks come from the following year’s draft. The team with the highest round bid on a player gets that player.

If two teams bid the same round, the league uses a system which breaks teams into three groups to determine the winner. Those groups are: those with six or fewer wins, teams with more than six wins who missed the playoffs, and playoff teams. Inside each of those groups a lottery assigns priority to each team and determines who gets a player in the event of two teams bidding the same round on them.

In the event that a player is not selected, they revert to being a free agent and are free to sign with any team. Will the Colts be active in this year’s Supplemental Draft? My guess is that it is unlikely we see the Colts make any moves, but we will find out soon enough.

The 2019 Supplemental Draft begins at 1pm ET.