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Colts Cast: Introductions and News, Plus Player and Record Predictions

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Your eyes and ears do not deceive you, it is a brand new episode of the Colts Cast! In this episode we talk about the new format and how we plan to try to uphold what Matt built with the podcast. Some things will be new and different, but hopefully the high quality Colts information will be very familiar.

After our introduction we get into some Colts news before diving into the regular season schedule and discussing our picks for the toughest games the Colts will face this season and how we each think they’ll do in those games, finishing with record predictions. Then we look at some player predictions and give our impact rookies, breakout players, guys we expect to come back to the pack, and possible surprise cuts.

Check back every Wednesday and Friday for new Colts Cast episodes through week three of the preseason, after which we will be releasing three podcasts per week with another episode typically dropping on Monday. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

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