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Andrew Luck out three more days of practice, Vinatieri ailing with knee injury

The Indianapolis Colts have announced Andrew Luck and Adam Vinatieri will be missing more days of training camp.

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It appears Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck’s calf saga will continue at least three more days. Head coach Frank Reich announced on Friday that there is “still a degree of pain, so he’ll (Luck) sit out the next three practices as a precaution and then the team will re-evaluate his status.”

Reich continues to have a positive approach noting that he is “confident and optimistic on Andrew’s situation.”

Luck’s lower leg injury has been ongoing since April. Despite concerns of some fans, the team has remained consistent in believing that it’s not severe. Coach Reich added that he is remaining calm, and trusting the process.

“As a former player and as a coach, it’s just always my instinct to trust the player. I really don’t lay awake at night thinking about it. When our players have injuries, I’m not the guy who’s asking every five minutes how they’re doing. That’s just the way I am. Part of that is because I think my 14 years of experience as a player. ... I know he wants to be there as bad as anybody. Me asking him every five minutes how he’s doing doesn’t help anything.”

On the flip side, kicker Adam Vinatieri is dealing with an injury of his own. Reich noted that Vinatieri has “a little bit of a knee issue,” but does not think that “anything that was going to be a problem.”

In 2018, the veteran kicker played all 16 games - and has not missed a start due to injury since 2009. However, he did come close when he sustained a groin injury last season. The team called in other kickers to tryout in case the groin did not heal in time for the upcoming game.

Vinatieri later told the Pat McAfee show that: “I sat in the training room, watching them (his replacements) kick... Our doctor said you should take this week off, since there is a bye week coming soon... But as I sat there watching those kids kick I said - there’s not a chance of me missing.”

Whether or not Vinatieri’s choice was the most logical of decisions is open for debate. Thankfully, it worked out well. The following game he became the NFL’s all-time leading scorer.

Now entering his 24th season, the oldest player in the league is locked in a battle with an opponent that is undefeated. The question now is: Can he outlast father time at least one more year?

As for both players, the team seems to remain optimistic which can only be good news. Fans however, will all be collectively holding their breath until they see them step back on to the field.