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Andrew Luck warmup video surfaces - and it’s good news for the Colts

Andrew Luck looked good in a preseason game warm up Saturday afternoon.

NFL: Preseason-Cleveland Browns at Indianapolis Colts Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

No one truly knows if Andrew Luck is going to play in the Indianapolis Colts season opener September 8th... Right?

You’ve probably heard the story by now. First it was a calf strain, then it was “a little bone issue.” Finally, general manager Chris Ballard said in a conference call that they think they finally have identified the problem:

“We tested his ankle yesterday with a specific scan. He went and saw a specialist, and it led us to the area at the front of the ankle that needs to be addressed. It’s kind of high ankle-ish. That’s potentially referring to the pain he’s getting in the posterior ankle, kind of by the calf and why it’s happening.”

Ballard also cited that Luck isn’t expected to play this preseason. Fast forward to pregame warmups against the Cleveland Browns, and that’s when things get interesting. Luck was running through quarterback drills, and he looked healthy.

It has been noted that Luck’s pain is occurring when he is moving from side to side, not when he drops straight back. In the above video, he appears to be moving fluidly and making sharp cuts - which is great news for the team.

There is also another video of Luck moving around and smiling with no grimace on his face. While these clips are no guarantee that the 29 year-old will be starting week one, it’s easy to see that Luck appears to be moving well.

Earlier this week, reports of a “guarded optimism” for Luck to start in the season opener made it’s rounds on Colts twitter. Now, footage of Luck moving around, and making sharp cuts was shown today. Signs could now starting to point towards #12 running onto the field against the Los Angeles Chargers.