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Andrew Luck thanks Colts fans in a full page newspaper ad

Andrew Luck’s career has come to an end, but not before one final classy gesture for the city of Indianapolis.

NFL: New York Giants at Indianapolis Colts IndyStar-USA TODAY NETWORK

Andrew Luck’s retirement sent shockwaves throughout the NFL and the city of Indianapolis. It was unexpected, and obviously wasn’t the way he wanted it go. Now, eight days after his announcement Luck is thanking the city and his fans. In the letter he cites that he is proud to be a “midwesterner, hoosier and a Colt.”

Below, is a full text version of Luck’s letter:

Dear Colts Nation,

Thank you!

Thank you for an incredible eight years. For welcoming me with open arms. For helping me grow on and off the field. For helping Nicole and I make Indiana our home. And for showing us the true meaning of Hoosier hospitality.

It has been the honor of a lifetime to represent the Colts and the city of Indianapolis on the world’s stage. I can’t wait to see our team take the field and continue the journey.

I’m proud to be a Midwesterner, a Hoosier, and a Colt.

Andrew Luck