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Bet on the Colts! Sports Betting is Now Legal in Indiana, Week 1 Betting Lines and Early Picks

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NFL: Preseason-Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

As of today, September 1st, 2019, sports betting is legal in Indiana. There are a handful of casinos that will be able to take bets, but as of right now, there is no legal mobile sports betting application/website in Indiana. Whether you agree with or support gambling of any form, once something becomes legal to do, it’s helpful to get the word out to organizations that will support it, especially since it’s legal in other states.

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Here are your 2019 NFL Week 1 Opening Lines

On Thursday, September 5th:

Packers @ Bears -3

I wouldn’t touch this line. Just saying.

On Sunday, September 8th:

Titans @ Browns -5.5

I think the Titans are terribad, so I’d be inclined to take the Browns to cover.

Ravens -6.5 @ Dolphins

The Dolphins are a dumpster fire, so I’d take the Ravens to cover on the road.

Falcons @ Vikings -3.5

I wouldn’t touch this line.

Bills @ Jets -3

I would take the Bills ATS.

Redskins @ Eagles -9

The Redskins are another perennial dumpster fire, and I’ll take the Eagles to cover at home.

Rams -3 @ Panthers

I wouldn’t touch this line. If you twisted my arm, I’d bet on the Panthers.

Chiefs -3.5 @ Jaguars

I would bet on the Chiefs to cover on the road.

Colts @ Chargers -7

This line is criminal. I would take the Colts ATS.

Bengals @ Seahawks -10

I would bet on the Seahawks to cover at home.

Giants @ Cowboys -7

I would bet on the Cowboys to cover at home.

Lions -2.5 @ Cardinals

I would take the Cardinals ATS at home.

49ers @ Buccaneers -1

I would not touch this line. I assume it will change.

Steelers @ Patriots -5.5

I would take the Steelers ATS on the road.

Texans @ Saints -7

I would take the Saints to cover at home.

Broncos @ Raiders -1

I would not touch this line. I assume it will change.