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Jared Bets the NFL Week 2

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This season, we’ve got a new segment on Stampede Blue called “Jared Bets the NFL”. I know, gambling is against your religion and/or you no longer like the cut of my jib, but now that sports betting is legal in Indiana (and most of our readers are from Indiana), I wanted to put out content that first, serves as a stern warning. I am in no way giving out gambling advice on this website. This is merely a documentary. I am not relying on the outcome of these games to support me or my business in any way. Much of my tone in these videos is meant to serve as a warning. If you have never gambled before, I would strongly suggest you keep it that way. However, human beings are curious and we are especially likely to do things that are no longer considered taboo or are illegal. I would suggest, that if you are looking for a couple pieces of advice, a good few things to know is the following:

The average score of an NFL game is 23-20.

The home team “gets 3 points” for being the home team and should be factored in to the expected outcome of a game regardless as to what the spread says.

The home team is more likely to win on average, however only slight more than 50% of the home teams win each week. Last week, we bet against the spread because Vegas hadn’t quite figured out some of the NFL teams and won! We won! Our 5-line parlay that we bet $50 won us more than $1,274!

Again, this is not advocating gambling in any way. We are so unlikely to win!