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FanPulse Week 2: Which franchise was most disappointing in Week 1?; Confidence in Colts rebounds

Welcome to SB Nation FanPulse, a survey of fans across the NFL powered by SurveyMonkey. As the season kicks off in just a few weeks, each week, we’ll send 32 polls to 100+ plugged in fans from each team. Colts fans, sign up HERE to join FanPulse.

The Indianapolis Colts had a lot to live up to in their Week 1, West Coast road trip to take on the Los Angeles Chargers.

Jacoby Brissett was getting his first real start with a quality roster behind him, there are so many young players getting a ton of snaps, and several positions affirmed the fan’s excitement about them, and Frank Reich called a pretty darn good game offensively overall.

Last week we discussed how much of a drop the Colts’ fan base took with their confidence level in the franchise, but after a very good showing across the country we’ll see if that number rebounded at all.

Additionally, the national question this week took a little time to parse through. At least it did for me in my voting. The FanPulse survey wanted to know which team was the largest disappointment in Week 1, and there were plenty of candidates to be perfectly honest.

We’ll start there this week.

As I said, there were plenty of teams that were pretty disappointing in Week 1, and had the Colts not been led back to force overtime, they might have been on this list as well. However, the Atlanta Falcons got smoked by the Minnessota Vikings, the Chicago Bears and the Pittsburgh Steelers failed to put a touchdown on the board at all, and the Cleveland Browns let a game against the Colts’ division rival Tennessee Titans get away from them late in the game for one of the more lopsided scores of the first week of NFL football.

Aside from the negative news about the Steelers most of the offseason, the Falcons, Bears and Browns all had some real expectations coming into the 2019 season, but as the results above reveal, none of them were quite as lofty as the Browns’.

The Browns were a sloppy, unexciting, and truly disappointing football team in Week 1. A bit of a side note to this group is that the Steelers, Falcons and Bears were three of the franchises with the largest drops in franchise confidence as voted on by the fans. Apparently, the Browns’ fan base doesn’t see this as much of a big deal right now.

It seems understandable given the amount of talent that roster has on it. Let’s move on to the Colts’ fan base and where their collective head is at moving into Week 2.

So, the good news is that our confidence level dramatically rose since last week. In fact, the numbers show that the fan’s confidence in the Colts was one of the largest risers from a week ago up to 90 percent from 73 percent heading into Week 1.

It’s likely that the fan base witnessed stupid mistakes being the team’s kryptonite with three missed kicks, a dumb penalty that wasn’t actually a penalty at all, as well as an actual dumb penalty that cost the team a touchdown. Aside from that, the team looked very interesting, showed a great deal of potential, and their new franchise quarterback proved that he belongs, or at least has the ability to belong in the league as a top-half-of-the-league quarterback.

The rest of the AFC South isn’t so enthused with their respective franchises. The Houston Texans climbed a bit from 28 percent to 33 percent, which is a little surprising they didn’t climb more than that given the performance they put together against the New Orleans Saints. The Tennessee Titans rose a bit more after closing out the cocky Browns, in their own house, from 79 percent to 89 percent.

But, after losing their starting quarterback in Week 1, the Jacksonville Jaguars fell hard from 61 percent all the way down to 6 percent. Yikes!! Here are the rest of the AFC South’s FanPulse cards for this week.

The Colts will travel to Nashville to face a confident Titans squad with a confident fan base behind them in Week 2.