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Marlon Mack Wins FedEx NFL Ground Player of the Week for Week 1

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Slow starts to their season have sometimes been a problem for the Colts, but Marlon Mack was having none of that individually in his week one debut against the Chargers. After a modest first half where he had gained just 20 yards on the ground, Mack went off for a career high 174 yards on 25 carries for an average of 7 yards per carry. He ran in a touchdown as well as getting the tying two point conversion that sent the game to overtime.

Such a feat would generally get attention regardless of the opponent. However, when you do it against a team as talented as the Chargers, it makes everyone sit up. Mack was nominated as a potential Fedex Ground Player of the Week for week 1.

He was up against Dalvin Cook and Mark Ingram, both of whom had impressive stat lines. In a normal week, this might have been a tough call. This was not a normal week however. Marlon Mack’s incredible performance stood above the rest and he was given the win.

Behind a stellar offensive line, Mack was able to carve up a very good Chargers defense, and this week he’ll be tasked with something similar. The Titans’ defense is also very talented. While it would be a bit foolish to expect Mack to put up these kinds of numbers every week, I doubt we’ve seen the last of him with regard to this particular award.