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Reich’s Best/Worst Decisions: Week 2 @Titans

The Colts got their first win of the season in a gritty 19-17 bout against the Titans.

Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Best Decisions

#1: Gutsy calls all around

On the very first drive, Reich called a deep bomb for Deon Cain that resulted in a 46 yard gain from a PI call on Adoree Jackson. After that, there were some others big calls, some that had a good result, others not as much (see Jacoby Brissett’s fumble on a play-action call). But perhaps the biggest and gutsiest call I have seen from the Colts in a while was going for it on 4th and 1 late in the fourth quarter on their own 30. Jacoby Brissett’s quarterback sneak was successful and the Colts managed to drain a big part of the clock, something that was really useful in ultimately getting the W. Kudos to Reich for taking more risks, as the offense should continue to grow during the course of the season.

#2: Handling of the running back group

With the return of Jordan Wilkins from a foot injury that sidelined him against the Chargers, the Colts did not have to rely on Hines running the ball when Mack was tired. Mack had an awful day on the ground, running for just 51 yards on 20 carries, but he made defenders miss on almost every run and Wilkins took advantage of a tired defense late in the fourth, breaking free for a 55-yard scamper that ultimately set up T.Y’s game-winning touchdown. Reich made the right call handing Wilkins the ball late, and as he returns to full strength expect more carries from the second-year player.

#3: Giving Khari Willis more playing time over Clayton Geathers

After a rocky start to the season, Geathers is starting to get his snaps taken by rookie Khari Willis. Geathers played 89% of the snaps in Week 1 compared to Willis’ 25%. In Week 2, Geathers played just 70% compared to Willis’ 50%. Credit to Reich for not shying away from benching a team captain and giving more playing time to a rookie. If Willis continues playing solid football while Geathers struggles, expect the safety out of Michigan State to start in the near future.

Worst Decisions

#1: Offense becoming too predictable at times

This Colts offense is obviously not the same without Andrew Luck, as he was a top 5 quarterback in the NFL and was the best player on the Colts offense. Brissett has not been bad, and I like the way the team is going, but the offense is becoming way too predictable at times. The Titans do have a solid overall defense, but as teams begin to have more tape on Jacoby Brissett, Reich will be forced to come up with something a little bit more creative or complex on passing downs.

#2: Conservative play-calling on 2nd and long

Reaching a bit here, as Reich had a very good game on Sunday, but there were quite a few situations where the Colts ran the ball up the middle on 2nd down and it resulted in a 3rd and long for the offense, something they have really struggled with to start the season. Penalties were also a big reason why the Colts had to make up for a lot of yards on 3rd down, so the offense has to get that cleaned up in order to reach the next level.