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Jared Bets the NFL Week 3

Presented by Bazaar Grind Coffee & Games

Bazaar Grind Coffee & Games is proud to sponsor a betting segment here on Stampede Blue and are specifically behind the idea of this coming off as a stern warning. We want all Colts fans, sports fans or just fans in general to have fun and bet on those things you enjoy, so long as you understand the consequences of gambling and its addictive tendencies.

Here on Stampede Blue, we try to stay ahead of the curve on topics not only Colts-related, but given that most of our readers are from Indiana, sometimes legislation passes that effects those around us at the local level. We feel a strong obligation to say “Hey! Sports betting is legal in Indiana now. Gambling is addictive. Be careful!”

All that said, sports are fun as long as you aren’t betting with your rent money. Sure, it’s your money and this is a free country, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t bring it up. Enough said.

If this is your first read, Week 1 we bet a 5-way parlay and made $1,274. We bet five teams ATS (against the spread) and won, which is unlikely.

If you’ve been following along, last week’s bet didn’t pan out (you can’t win them all!). We bet five road teams to win, which is even more unlikely than our Week 1 bet.

This week, we decided to change it up.

So far, we’re 2/2 betting on the Colts (-1.5) and Ravens (+7.5), so we took the Colts to win at home and the Ravens to upset on the road because we weren’t getting good odds ATS, and I’m all about getting those good odds (+245).

We got good odds to take the Rams (-3) but +100 on the road.

Then we couldn’t keep our grubby paws off the Dallas spread (-21) which is now -22 and New England spread (-23.5) which is now -23.

Both Dallas and New England play at home, are relatively healthy and there isn’t a foreseeable outcome where Dallas doesn’t handle Miami and New England doesn’t thrash New York.

These bets aren’t meant to be flashy or unrealistic. For example, the Colts are favored at home and it appears the Falcons OL is unhealthy right as the Colts DL gets healthy.

Additionally, the Ravens sport the #1 offense and #2 defense.

Do you bet on sports?

How’s your betting acumen?

Any outcomes you foresee?

Are you hitting? If so, that’s fantastic and continued good luck! Who you got this week?

What’s your style?

What do you want to see?

Hit us up in the comments!