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Stampede Radio: Colts vs Falcons Week 3 Game Preview

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In this episode of Stampede Radio, Jim is still lost somewhere in Disneyland and Blystone and Shepherd dig into the week 3 preview as the Colts prepare to host the Atlanta Falcons in their 2019 season home opener.

First they look at the injury report and discuss who will and won’t be available for Sunday’s action and how that will impact the roster.

After a brief look at the news, they get into the meat of the show, starting with the Falcons’ offense and how they’ll attack the Colts defense. They look at their strengths and weaknesses in both the running game and the passing game and discuss which Colts defensive players need to stand out to slow this Falcons offense down.

Next they discuss the Falcons’ defense and how the Colts match up with them. They talk about where the Colts might find advantages when running the football, and how Shepherd feels about Grady Jarrett’s ability to be a disruptive force. Then they dig into the pass defense and consider which players on the Colts offense should fare well against the Falcons.

Finally they look at the special teams situations for both teams and who will have the advantage there.

Lastly, the guys take a look back at their bold predictions from last week and make new ones for this week.

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