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Colts Match-Ups to Watch: Week 3

We are mere hours away from kick-off, so here are a few key matchups to have your eye on today when Atlanta hits town today.

Falcons WR’s vs. Colts CB’s

There’s no doubt that Atlanta has one of - if not the best - wideout trio in the entire league. With Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, and Mohamed Sanu, the group is versatile, big, strong, and most importantly - REALLY good. It makes for quite the test, and a mediocre Colts secondary will have its hands full. Malik Hooker may have to cover some serious ground because the chances are Julio and company will have their way with Indy’s corners.

Adam Vinatieri vs. Making Kicks

This seems like a bit of a joke, but I’m dead serious. Vinatieri simply has to make his kicks. The team has continued to put their faith in him, and it’s imperative he starts to reward them. If not - then despite his start-studded career - I think every person in the city will want him replaced. And deservedly so.

Colts LB’s vs. Experience

Darius Leonard is out, which means rookie linebackers E.J. Speed and Bobby Okereke will be getting expanded roles. Both are rangy, aggressive, and instinctive, but as first-year players, the task will be a big one. Here’s hoping that they’re able to beat their inexperience and put on some great performances.