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2019 NFL Week 3: Falcons vs Colts Second Half Open Thread — Colts lead 20-3

Atlanta Falcons v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

Jacoby Brissett has shown mastery against zone coverage. In Week 1, the Colts picked apart the San Diego Chargers, even with a nasty pass rush to threaten Indy’s signal-caller. This week, Brissett placed himself in the Colts record-books with one of the most accurate starts to a game in franchise history.

What is most encouraging about the first half of this game is that the Colts have been able to run the ball effectively, Frank Reich has been able to show his offensive genius, the tight ends have finally become relevant, and the Falcons defense is left to simply guess what Brissett and the Colts might do. This is one of the most impressive first half offensive performances from the Colts in years, and that includes games when Andrew Luck has been healthy.

Defensively the primary concern at this point is health. The interior of the defensive line is looking awfully thin after Denico Autry went out with an eye injury. This is the area on defense that requires the most attention next off-season, which includes the draft.

Adam Vinatieri hasn’t missed a kick today and if his struggles have been mental, something I’m not particularly convinced of yet, this should help him find his way out of the dark. Vinatieri’s two field goals have allowed the Colts to create some real separation and put pressure on the Falcons.


The Colts pass rush has been on-existent. Matt Ryan and the Falcons offense will be forced to take more shots in the second half. Matt Eberflus needs to take advantage of the narrative and get pressure in Ryan’s face quickly. This has been a incredibly sloppy start for Ryan in 2019 and Eberflus needs to keep the pressure on.

There is a growing issue for the Colts defensive interior. This team is quite soft inside against the run. There is no doubt that the team misses having a run stuffing specialist like Al Woods and will need to find a way to replace him. While this may not cost the Colts games early in the season, you better bet that this weakness will be exploited as the year goes on if Eberflus and Mike Phair can’t figure it out.

It is worth noting that Rock Ya-Sin plays great man coverage. He always appears to be in his assignments kitchen and makes life difficult. It was encouraging to see Geathers pick up his first career interception.


This offensive line is unfair. They have done a masterful job against one of the best defensive linemen in the NFL. If they can keep up the effort in the second half and get the ball rolling again on the ground, the Falcons could run out of time in a hurry.

How long has it been for Colts fans to feel that their running game and offensive line is among the very best in the league? Long long time folks. Enjoy it.

It is worth repeating that Jacoby Brissett has had a masterful first half. If he can grow from this and use the balance of the offense to take shots deep, going for the throat, in the second half, he could take a step closer to being a complete NFL quarterback.