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Reich’s Best/Worst Decisions: Week 3 Vs. Falcons

The Colts are standing at 2-1 after a quality win against a tough opponent. Reich once again had a well-coached game, but it was not without its’ flaws.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Indianapolis Colts Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Best Decisions

#1: Zach Pascal’s involvement in the passing game

Pascal is mainly a blocking receiver/special teams player. However, on Sunday, Reich got Pascal involved in the passing game masterfully. First, he used his blocking abilities as a decoy on a screen, where instead of blocking for Nyheim Hines, Pascal ran a wheel route that left him wide open in the end-zone. Literally, there were no Atlanta Falcons’ players anywhere near his vicinity. Pascal also caught another key pass later in the game, and he proved he can at least be an option in the passing game on a receiver group ravaged by injuries.

#2: More deep looks for JB

After two weeks where Jacoby Brissett’s YPA was among the lowest in the entire NFL, Reich called more deep plays for Jacoby to use his cannon of an arm. Throughout the game, I counted 10 passes where the ball traveled more than 8-9 yards in the air. Jacoby completed just 4 of those, but as the season progresses he should get more comfortable in this offense and those numbers should improve.

#3: Passing play on 3rd and 4 late in the game

This was a genius call by Frank Reich; I liked it so much I gave it the Play of the Week award in my Monday Morning Awards section. Reich trusted the offense would get the job done and drew up an excellent play that got Jack Doyle wide open to get the first and seal the game. Had the Colts failed to convert, Matt Ryan would have had a decent amount of time to score a TD and steal the W from the Colts.

Worst Decisions

#1: Lack of blitzes after injuries on D-Line

The Colts defensive line was banged up throughout the entire game, so it was a little bit surprising to see Eberflus not dialing up any hot blitzes to get pressure on Matt Ryan. Perhaps this was because the Colts were missing their best blitzing linebacker (and best player on defense) Darius Leonard, or that Kenny Moore was better used in coverage. However, the Colts failed to get any type of pressure in Ryan’s face on Sunday, and outside one missed throw that resulted in an interception by Clayton Geathers, he was nearly perfect and carved up the Colts’ secondary.

#2: Challenging PI on Quincy Wilson

Because Reich had a very good game on Sunday, I'm reaching a bit on this one. Even though I still think the play was not pass interference and Julio just slipped, the refs have shown a clear tendency not to overturn these calls. It might have been just a move to show support for Quincy Wilson, but given the precedent the refs have settled, I would not have challenged that one.