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Colts Matchup to Watch Revisited: Week 3 Vs. Falcons

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Indianapolis Colts Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

The Colts are now 2-1 after a quality win against the Falcons in their first home game of this young season. Here, I’ll be revisiting Carter’s matchups mentioned before.

Falcons WR’s Vs. Colts DB’s

The Falcons receivers absolutely had their way with the Colts cornerbacks on Sunday, this may have been because the pass-rush was missing and also due to some incredible catches by the Falcons’ receivers (see Julio Jones' touchdown). The Colts did get an interception on an overthrow by Matt Ryan, so even though they got abused, they did get a little win.

Adam Vinatieri Vs. Making Kicks

Vinatieri was perfect on Sunday, even though his first field goal hit the upright before going in. Vinatieri finished the game 5/5 and looks back on track. A pleasant sight for the Colts after dealing with plenty of injuries to start the season.

Colts LB’s Vs. Experience

After Darius Leonard’s injury, rookie Bobby Okereke was forced into the starting lineup taking over Anthony Walker’s spot, who filled in for Leonard. Okereke had a solid all-around game and always seemed to be near the ball. He also laid a good hit on Devonta Freeman to stuff him near the line of scrimmage. However, it was evident at times that he is not exactly Leonard, who was an instant star, and he might need some time to develop and become a starting-caliber linebacker.