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Jared Bets the NFL Week 4

Brissett for MVP? 5 road winners!

This is not meant to be taken as gambling advice. This is meant to serve as a warning. What started out as fun has turned quickly into parody.

For example.

I found it insane that Jacoby Brissett hadn’t been added to’s list of probable 2019 NFL MVPs after 3 solid outings, so I thought I’d be bold and just Tweet them to see what happens.

What are they going to do, tell me “no”? The worst that happens is they ignore me? Bet.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s way too early to jump on the Jacoby Hype Train, right? Wrong. You can never be too early to get them good odds. Or something like that.

I know it’s a long shot. That’s why you always bet on the underdog, though. Right now, I’d say Patrick Mahomes has it in the bag, but you never know what can happen over the course of a season.

I put my money where my mouth is.

Also, we can accurately say this week that there could be double digit road winners. We predicted 12 road winners two weeks ago and got 10 of them right. Remember, usually the home team wins a little more than half the time. I have a feeling home field advantage only applies when the teams are close in power level and for the most part, that is shown in the spread for each game.

Here’s what I think happens here in Week 4.

That’s right, kids! I think Gardner Minshew is the real deal, Mitch Trubisky is not, Redskins win on the ground regardless as to who is at QB, but I’d definitely take Washington to win if they started Dwayne Haskins at QB this week. Wink wink. The Panthers’ offense is elite and I think Houston is too average a team to claim a home victory. Also, if ever the Andy Dalton-led Bengals were to beat the Steelers in Heinz Field, it can only be when Big Ben is out for the year, right?

You can bet on the sure things, or you can take a shot on a once upon a time. Cheers!