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3 Reasons the Raiders Will Lose to the Colts Sunday Courtesy of Silver and Black Pride

Oakland Raiders v Minnesota Vikings

We reached out to the Raiders SB Nation blog, Silver and Black Pride, to get a preview of what to expect ahead of this weekend’s home match-up between the Colts and the Raiders. Levi Damien of Silver and Black Pride was kind enough to provide us with 3 reasons he believes the Raiders are going to lose on Sunday. Thanks to Levi for taking the time to share with us.

You can find my 3 reasons the Colts will lose here.

Colts Offensive Line

What a group the Colts have put together on the offensive line! Last week against the Vikings the Raiders got gouged by Dalvin Cook on the ground and didn’t sack Kirk Cousins once. And they don’t have a line nearly as talented as the one the Colts put on the field.

They have made the offensive line a priority, having spent three first round pick on the line. It starts with guard Quentin Nelson, but tackle Anthony Castonzo and center Ryan Kelly are also outstanding. Guard Mark Glowinski has been a great find since getting away from the coaching of Tom Cable.

Marlon Mack has averaged nearly 100 yards rushing per game this season and the Colts have the league’s 6th best rushing attack. Dalvin Cook wore them down last week and as a results his backups ripped off huge runs late in the game. Hard not to see that happening again, especially with the Raiders banged up linebacking corps.


The Colts lost their Pro Bowl starting QB Andrew Luck just before the season and yet Frank Reich has Jacoby Brissett putting up similar numbers to what we would have expected from Luck. Perhaps even better, Frank Reich being a QB guru.

Meanwhile the Raiders QB guru head coach has Derek Carr in his second year and things are not going well. It may simply be that Carr is the wrong quarterback to run Gruden’s offense, but Gruden hasn’t had a QB who could run his offense at a high level in nearly two decades. It would seem either Gruden is not a good judge of quarterbacks or his offense is simply outdated. Veteran head coaches Andy Reid and Mike Zimmer both coached circles around him the past two weeks.

Still Lacking Receivers

Last year the Raiders struggled in part because of a lack of speed at receiver. Now they struggle from simply a lack of talent. We are once again in a situation where the tight end is the most talented receiver on the team.

Tyrell Williams is a talented receiver and a physical specimen as well, but he can’t do it alone. He was supposed to be the number two receiver after Antonio Brown, but that famously blew up. Then it was Ryan Grant as the number two, and he had 14 yards receiving in two starts and was cut this week.

Now it’s JJ Nelson, who had a grand total of 64 yards of receiving last season, who is the number two and a rookie fifth round pick in the slot. What at one time looked like a deep wide receiver room that was talented at the top is now possibly the worst in the league.