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Colts Key Match-Ups vs. Raiders

Indy heads into Week 4 looking as good as ever. Coming off of a valiant effort against Atlanta and facing a weak Raiders squad, the Colts look to take an impressive 3-1 record into Kansas City next Sunday night. That is, of course, if they have success in these key match-ups.

Linebackers (and Safeties) vs. Darren Waller

Arguably Oakland’s top threat right now (yes, that may sound surprising), Waller is a converted receiver and mismatch nightmare - likely to cause Indy fits this weekend. As a receiving tight end, he exposes an underrated weakness in the Colts D - stopping the inside seams. Atlanta tight end Austin Hooper had 6 catches and two touchdowns working the middle of the field last week, and if Indy wants to ensure a victory they need to limit Waller’s production.

Marlon Mack vs. Defensive Line

Mack is the engine that makes this Colts O run (literally). It’s no surprise that the team has had success with him playing so well, and it looks this weekend he is going to keep his hot start alive. Oakland was gashed by Dalvin Cook and company last weekend, allowing over 200 yards on the ground in a 20 point loss. With a lackluster defensive line, this could get ugly for the Raiders real quick - assuming Quenton Nelson and company do their jobs upfront.

Colts vs. Themselves

It may sound cheesy, but it’s true. The only way Indy loses this weekend is if they beat themselves. Oakland is outmatched, out coached, and straight-up out powered - playing in a stingy road stadium. If Vinatieri makes his kicks, Reich doesn’t try to outsmart himself, and Brissett simply facilitates to his abundance of play makers - this should be an easy victory.