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Stampede Radio: Colts vs Raiders Week 4 Game Preview

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On this episode the guys dig into the Colts week 4 home match-up against the Oakland Raiders helmed by Jon Gruden. They discuss the Raiders offense and how they match up against the Colts injury riddled defense, and especially the possible threat in the form of RB Josh Jacobs. Additionally, they dig in to how good Derek Carr could be, who his weapons are, and whether the offensive line can keep him clean against the Colts front four.

Then, they take a look at how the Colts offense matches up with the Raiders defense, including looking at what expectations we might have for Marlon Mack in this game and how Jacoby Brissett and the receivers and tight ends should fare against the Raiders in the passing game.

Finally, they talk about what the keys to getting a win are in this game, make their bold predictions for this game, and predict the winner and final scores.

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