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College Football’s top QB prospects

We don’t yet fully know what we have at QB, so why not look ahead so we are well prepared come April?

Alabama v Duke Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

I know it may rub some people the wrong way to be reading a QB prospects article when the NFL season hasn’t yet started and the 2020 NFL draft seems to be eons away.

And I get it.

However, I’m also a strong advocate of being prepared so you don’t have to get prepared. We don’t know how Brissett is going to fare, and we most certainly don’t know where the Colts will be drafting come April, so why not be ready?

The goal of this article is to spark a thoughtful conversation on some of CFB’s best QBs. I will post a weekly article with a similar format just to update on how prospects performed that week.

*Note: the performances aren’t in any sort of order

Jalen Hurts, Oklahoma vs Houston

Height: 6’2’’

Weight: 219 pounds

Arm talent (1-10): 5.5

Dual-Threat ability/Athleticism: 6

Hurts right now must feel like he’s living in a dream. Not long ago, he was the SEC Offensive player of the year, losing only 2 games during his time as the Alabama starter. However, after Hurts was innefective and backup TuaTagovailoa propelled his team past Georgia to win a National Championship, everything changed. It was no longer Hurts' team, and after a season on the sidelines watching, he decided to transfer to Oklahoma.

And how did his debut go?

Well, he passed for a cool 332 yards and 3TDs with a 87% completion rate and a QBR of 96.7 along with rushing for 176 yards, 3TDs. He broke Baker Mayfield’s record for all-purpose yards in a Sonner debut, and Hurts seems to have catapulted himself to the fore-front of the Heisman conversation.

Noted, he did play against a lackluster defense, and many of his passes went to wide-open receivers or were made up of dink-and-dunk plays where the the WR gained a lot of yardage after the catch.

Still, a great coming out party for Hurts

Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama vs Duke

Height: 6’1’’

Weight: 218 pounds

Arm Talent: 7

Dual-Threat/Athleticism: 4

Tua burst onto the scene a few years back when he replaced the guy above him on this list. He’s got a big arm, a great football IQ and a knack for deep passes and big plays. His accuracy fluctuates a bit and his throwing mechanics are a bit unorthodox. However, he put on a clinic against a notably average defense. The game was “close” (or closer than it should have been) in the first half of the game. In the third quarter, however, Tua put up 21 points on the Blue Devils, and the game was a wrap at that point.

With a stat line of 336 yards, 4TDs and a completion percentage of 84%, Tua had a great performance. Unfortunately, in classic ‘Bama fashion, it was against a cupcake opponent.

Jordan Love, Utah State vs Wake Forest

Height: 6’4’’

Weight: 224 pounds

Arm Talent: 8

Dual-Theat/Athleticism: 6

Jordan Love seems to be one of the more complete passers in CFB today, and he displayed that against Wake Forest’s decent defense. He passed for 416 yards, 3TDs with a completion percentage of 68.8%. However, he did have 3INTs, mostly because his deep throw accuracy (along with his reads) needs improvement. He has a bit too many YOLO throws were the risk of an Interception is high.

Trevor Lawrence, Clemson vs Georgia Tech

Height: 6’6’’

Weight: 220 pounds

Arm Talent: 9

“Sunshine” didn’t have the greatest game. He actually played quite poorly. Coming off a wave of hype due to his incredible freshman season, Lawrence flopped with a stat line of 168 yards, 1 TDs and a completion percentage of 56.5% to go along with 2 INTs. Carried by his running game, lead by Etienne, which amassed 411 yards, Lawrence was not relied upon much.

While this unfortunate game is but a dent in his incredible record, it must be noted that fans and pundits alike will be keeping their eyes on Clemson’s Week 2 matchup versus Texas A&M to see if he can get back to his old self.

Honorable mentions:

  • KJ Costello was tearing up Northwestern for the first half until he took a nasty hit to the chin and did not return. The offense remained stagnant during the second half.
  • Justin Fields, who was actually the #1 QB ranked in his class (Lawrence was #2) and #1 overall HS prospect. He beat out Lawrence at the Elite 11, but he sort of fell between the cracks behind Jake Fromm in Georgia. Fields then Transferred to Ohio State, where he put up 234 yards passing with a completion percentage of 72% and 4 TDs, with no turnovers. He also accumulated 61 rushing yards and a TD on 12 carries.
  • Jacob Eason had a good performance versus a lesser opponent. 349 yards, 75% completion percentage and 4 TDs with no turnovers. Eason is another Georgia transfer who has shined after transferring.

That’s this weeks CFB QB prospects list. Comment any under-the-radar guys I should keep an eye on in the coming weeks. Also, this list will ideally have these guys all 12 weeks, but if I feel like a certain player needs to be added/dropped due to on-field play, I will do so accordingly.