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Colts Name Their 2019 Team Captains

Wild Card Round - Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

The Colts have named their 2019 team captains, and they shouldn’t surprise you.

For the offensive side of the ball, T.Y. Hilton and Jacoby Brissett get that “C” emblazoned on their chests to denote that they are two guys who the offense is eager to follow into battle.

No one has earned that more than T.Y., who fought through a laundry list of injuries in 2018 to still be the team’s most dangerous offensive weapon. He has talked about how this offseason he determined that he should take a more vocal leadership role on this team, and they are better for it.

Jacoby’s selection is both a vote of confidence in his leadership, and a testament to how he is already viewed inside that locker room. Chris Ballard has called him a “rare leader” and glowed about him over the off season, long before Andrew Luck’s retirement. Now they’ve put that talk to action in the form of naming him a team captain.

On defense, Darius Leonard and Clayton Geathers get the nod. Anyone who has heard Leonard talk knows he is a natural leader. In his first conversation with the media at the start of training camp, he talked about earning a starting role. While the idea was absurd, the All-Pro was absolutely going to start, the mentality is one the Colts benefit from regularly.

Geathers is often overlooked and underrated, but his leadership ability has never been in question. Like with Brissett, Ballard has spoken often about how much he appreciates Clayton Geathers and what he brings to the team both in ability and in leadership. He is sometimes the forgotten member of the secondary, but Geathers is a tone setter and a big part of the defense’s tough mentality.

Rounding out the group, Adam Vinatieri represents the special teams unit, as a man who has been in the league longer than some of his teammates have been alive. Vinny is an institution in Indianapolis, and he has seen it all as a part of the NFL. Few are better equipped to offer words of wisdom to the team than he is.