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Colts Cast: Projecting the first quarter of the Colts season; Who’s your guy? with Jim Campbell

Jim Campbell from Stampede Radio joins Matt Danely on today’s Colts Cast

The Indianapolis Colts are just hours away from kicking off their 2019 season against the Los Angeles Chargers. While our projections for the Colts’ season were sky high with Andrew Luck, common sense tells us that most fans have a much softer approach to guessing the team’s record now that Jacoby Brissett is considered to be the franchise quarterback.

On today’s show, Jim Campbell, from Stampede Radio, joins Matt Danely in taking a realistic stab at projecting the first quarter of the Colts season for 2019.

The Colts obviously face off against the Chargers in Week 1, divisional foe Tennessee Titans in Week 2, the Atlanta Falcons in Week 3, and wrap up the first four games at home against the Oakland Raiders.

Additionally, Matt and Jim go through the Colts’ roster to pick out one player who they see as a guy who could take a leap so to speak this season and really show out for the team, and they also go the other way in attempting to identify a player who may slip this year for one reason or another.

Having not seen the team in a real game to this point, projecting all of this is a bit of a shot in the dark, but you might be surprised by Matt and Jim’s expectations regardless of who is under center this year.

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