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The new Stampede Blue T-shirts have arrived just in time to kick off the new season!

Check out our brand new merch!

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Over the last two seasons, the team at Stampede Blue has attempted to expand the ways in which we cover the team. We want to provide a one-stop location for the Colts fan community to talk about the team, follow news and analysis, get a deeper look into the techniques and fundamentals on the field, and even buy tickets and memorabilia.

We have partnered with BreakingT to create custom, time-relevant t-shirts for fans to represent their fandom. Some of our more popular shirts include, The Rivalry is back on, Dearest Mother, and the Indianapolis Clowns. One of the most consistent areas of feedback we’ve received from the community is that they would be as or more interested in a Stampede Blue t-shirt than they would a custom Colts t-shirt.

We’re happy to announce that they have finally arrived. If you want to represent the Colts, Stampede Blue and help support the work we do, please click on the following links and grab your shirts as the season kicks off this afternoon.

Looking for more Colts apparel? Visit our new Stampede Blue Colts FanShop for jerseys, hats, and more!