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Highlights from Colts vs. Chargers

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The game itself didn’t end the way we hoped but there were plenty of plays that could make their way onto the end of the season highlight reel. There were also a bunch of plays that definitely won’t make that list but deserve to be mentioned all the same.

Ben Banogu’s First Career Sack

It was technically a half sack, but who’s counting?

Jacoby Brissett under pressure picking up the 3rd down

No, this one isn’t making the highlight reel at the end of the year but these are the types of throws you need from your starting quarterback and not every starting quarterback can consistently make this throw.

Brissett finds T.Y. Hilton for six.

Brissett did a good job identifying where he needed to go with the ball and in case you have never paid attention to Jacoby Brissett, he displays enough velocity to fit his throws into even tighter windows than this.

Justin Houston insulted by Dan Feeney’s effort

The Chargers offense is really similar to the Colts offense and had it been the Colts that ran this play that would be Quenton Nelson trying to kick out Houston, instead Dan Feeney shows why he wasn’t an all-pro as a rookie.

Everybody got in on hitting Phillip Rivers

Al-Quadin Muhammad comes up with another sack of Rivers who was dropped 4 times on the day (5 but one was called back due to an offside penalty). The Colts had more success getting after Rivers than I thought they would given Rivers’ quick release, 4 sacks on the day was good to see.

Kemoko Turay had plenty of success

It’s really great to see a young pass rusher have an impact and Turay did so as he was able to win against the (backup) left tackle consistently.

Malik Hooker. What a play!

The Colts desperately needed the defense to step up and make a play and that’s exactly what Malik Hooker went out and did. He read River’s eyes and broke on the ball, sticking one hand in the air and pulling it back with the ball stuck to it. I don’t see any way this play doesn’t make the highlight reel.

Just a note, during halftime I made nachos and ate them in the 3rd quarter. I’m telling you this because 1. they were delicious and 2. I stopped creating these highlights on Twitter and in the 4th quarter, I like many of you were nervously watching and I didn’t want to mess with anything else, so the rest of the highlights will be from other people.

Marlon Mack sure is quick

25 carries for 175 yards and a touchdown qualify as video game numbers and Marlon Mack further proved he’s fully capable of carrying the load.

Also, how about that Colts offensive line!

T.Y. Hilton with a great individual effort

Now, nobody truly does anything by themselves on a football field but this is as close as it gets, even though Nyheim Hines threw a great block.

Hilton had a nice day catching 8 passes for 87 yards and 2 touchdowns. Hopefully Brissett continues to look his way as the season progresses.

The two-point conversion to send it to OT

The Colts came out of halftime and bullied the Chargers front seven. To be fair you probably should if you draft a guard in the top ten, and today our Colts didn’t disappoint.

Questionable Call

Touchdown or drop? You tell me.

Ruled a drop on the field, a challenge failed to overturn it. I feel like this isn’t a call that will have a consensus.

All in all our Colts lost this game more than the Chargers beat them. Going forward it’s easy to believe Frank Reich will get those mistakes cleaned up and the 2019 Indianapolis Colts will contend in the AFC South, unless Andrew Luck played defense or kicked field goals, I don’t think the outcome of this one would have been different either way, and that’s a good thing.