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Colts Cast: In-depth look at Colts FAs, NFL free agency heading into 2020

As the playoffs get into the conference championships this weekend, the Indianapolis Colts are preparing for their evaluation of what they currently have on the roster. Chris Ballard, Frank Reich and their staff will need to assess which impending free agents to bring back, which to let go of, and which ones they see around the league they could bring in to help take the roster to the next level.

Today, Matt Danely will go through those unrestricted options for the Colts and parse through which he would bring back into the fold, and which he’d let go of. Not all of them will be easy decisions as Ballard attempts to combine the youth’s improvement with those who are necessary retentions due to their veteran leadership and play on the field.

Additionally, Matt will touch on a couple extensions that need to be considered, as well as what the rest of the NFL has to offer in the area of free agency. Which positions could be improved with what’s likely available, which positions may have to suffer another year in order to make it worth his while to add to the position, and which of those impending free agents may not even be available for the Colts to go out and grab.