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Senior Bowl Media Day Interview with Jordan Love

It’s no secret that the Indianapolis Colts will be looking at quarterback prospects in the 2020 draft, and Utah State quarterback Jordan Love has garnered significant interest from Colts fans. Though Love’s final college season, one that saw him throw 20 touchdowns to 17 interceptions, has raised concerns about his decision making, his raw talent as a passer is undeniable.

I was able to ask Love a couple questions during media day at the 2020 Senior Bowl. Below you can find audio of the entire session, if you listen closely you’ll hear questions from some reporters you may know including Stephen Holder.

The two questions I was able to get in are as follows:

Question one at 7:18

CS: Jordan, how much freedom did you have to change the play at the line last year?

JL: I had some freedom... our system was a little bit different, I mean for the most part, pass plays, I had the freedom to really get into whatever pass play I wanted to based on, you know, pre-snap looks from the defense.

Question two at 10:47

CS: Jordan, what do you like to do off the field?

JL: What do I like to do off the field? I like to play Madden. I think I can beat anybody in this room, right now. -said with a big smile on his face

Once the crowd dispersed I walked up to Love and asked him if he had met with the Colts. He said that he hasn’t met with them yet, but that he did have a meeting scheduled. While this isn’t surprising, or really that newsworthy, it confirmed what we all probably should have known: the Indianapolis Colts are looking for a quarterback.