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Stampede Radio: Senior Bowl Day 2 Plus An Interview w/ Hall of Fame GM Bill Polian

On this episode of Stampede Radio it is just Blystone and Shepherd, as they walk through what day two of the Senior Bowl revealed, what Shepherd saw, and what guys he is excited about. They also talk about what kind of takeaways you should have from the Senior Bowl, what the event likely means for the Colts, and how Chris Ballard is likely telling us, without exactly telling us, what the Colts will do come draft day.

Finally Shepherd got a chance to sit down and talk briefly with legendary former Colts GM Bill Polian to ask about what how he would handle the situation at quarterback, whether he believes the surprising retirements of players like Andrew Luck and Luke Kuechly are a trend, and more. Stick around to the end for that interview!

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