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Colts Director of College Scouting Morroco Brown: ‘Dumb guys get you beat.’

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

The Senior Bowl has been this week’s largest focus or NFL fans, especially those who are focused primarily on the NFL Draft and those prospects who could potentially be hearing their names called in April. Stampede Blue’s own Zach Hicks, Chris Shepherd, and Carter Donnick are representing the brand in Mobile this week and are bringing us some excellent coverage in the meantime.

Naturally, the Indianapolis Colts are well represented as well, and have shown in the recent past for finding new additions to the team, especially a few who were overlooked throughout this pre-draft process. Chris Shepherd was able to get some nuggets from Frank Reich, Ed Dodds was a busy bee on the field evaluating talent during practices, and today released a quick interview with Director of College Scouting, Morroco Brown.

Brown spoke about the qualities that the Colts most value in the prospects they evaluate, and what those qualities can do for the future of the organization.

A couple of the quotes that stood out were what the Colts basically see as their template in looking for “Smart, fast and physical” players as a baseline in addition to who they are as a person. “Competition” is another word we’ve heard plenty about from Chris Ballard and was echoed by Brown in what they want to see from these guys participating in the Senior Bowl.

Brown added, “Fast guys, because they can shrink the field and give you that explosive advantage. Smart guys — well, dumb guys get you beat.”

This sounds obvious, in regards to “dumb guys” but there may not be a more realistic, and honest statement about what they are looking for to build out this Colts’ roster. Many will complain that the Colts value integrity, and quality people — or locker room guys — as much, or more than simply raw talent, but I think it’s pretty obvious that Ballard doesn’t value sweethearts over talent. Ballard simply wants the combination, and doesn’t want locker room killers within the organization.

Morroco also stated that, given the weather conditions present this week in Mobile, that they want to see how some of the 115 guys out there could show their heart and “give your best” on a “cold day like today.” The Colts are looking to find those guys who can line up “mano-a-mano” and “beat the guy in front of you, and how do you stack up against the top competition.”

The Colts, Chris Ballard, and all of the scouting and developmental staffs they employ have a massive offseason this year ahead of them. The Colts’ roster is youthful, has a ton of potential, and is closing in on the time when not just results, but very young talent has to make a major impact on success for this team.

Ballard and company are creating it the right way, but double-digit win totals are heavily desired sooner rather than later just the same.

You can see the entire interview, and video here.