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Colts Fans and Stampede Blue Community Q&A - Week 3 ANSWERS

NFL: AUG 18 Colts Training Camp Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Colts fans and Stampede Blue readers can submit their Colts questions to have a chance of them being answered in our Q&A.

Missed out this time? Don’t worry, you can get involved next time by submitting a question when the Q&A post goes up in the comments section, in the Twitter replies or on the Facebook post comments.

Let’s jump straight into this week’s questions:

Voting Machine (Stampede Blue Comments): How is (Future Hall of Famer) Bobby Okereke playing in his 2nd year? Better? He’s not getting tackle stats like his rookie pace.

Answer: Bobby Okereke is in a starting role this year as the team’s starting SAM linebacker as nailed down the position earlier while still competing for the starting MIKE linebacker job with Anthony Walker in training camp. Okereke is playing very well this year, he has been big part of the reason why the team is playing so well on defense. Okereke plays the run exceptionally well and is usually the first defender in the hole to take on the lead blocker blowing up the play instead of getting the tackle which is probably a reason for his tackle stats not being as high as his rookie pace.

Lucky Jock Strap (Stampede Blue Comments): Will Patmon be active for any games this season? Even with a rash of injuries to the receiver room, he still hasn’t played a game this year.

Answer: Dezmon Patmon was drafted in the late rounds of the 2020 NFL Draft and was considered a project by most and was also seen as one by the team. The Colts loved what they saw from Patmon in training camp and kept him around because of that and because they didn’t want to chance him getting snapped up by another team before they could get him on the practice squad. Patmon is still a developmental wide receiver and is likely being treated as such so will not likely be getting lots of playing time.

Led Fred (Stampede Blue Comments): What are the Colts coaching staff thinking by calling run plays between the tackles and giving the ball to one of the smaller players on the roster in RB Nyheim Hines, especially when the Colts chose to move UP in the draft to select Jonathan Taylor near the top of the 2nd round?!

Answer: The Colts offensive play calling has been a hot topic of discussion seeing as the offense hasn’t been firing on all cylinders. The teams run game has been no where near the level where it was last year. The run game as a whole has been poor and it hasn’t just been the play calling or the running back chosen, the offensive lines run blocking has been below its high level everyone is so used to be. The calls to use Hines in between the tackles instead of Taylor, who is better suited to those sorts of runs, is confusing but Reich will likely be doing this for a reason. Reich is a very good offensive mind and play caller so does deserve some credit where due.