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SB Nation Reacts: Fan’s confidence in Colts rebounds; Game of Week 11; Predicting young QB’s careers

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to SB Nation Reacts where SB Nation gets fan reactions from the previous week’s results, as well as asking questions about the coming week’s slate. We also take a look at the weekly changes in confidence level from the team’s fans.

This week the Indianapolis Colts are coming off of their most important win of the season to this point. The Colts couldn’t knock off the Baltimore Ravens in Week 9, but were able to take back control of the AFC South after their 34-17 win over the Tennessee Titans in Week 10.

Now, the Colts are set to host the Green Bay Packers and have another chance to get a statement win over a legitimate playoff team. There are a couple more of these games left on their schedule outside of their remaining AFC South matchups, and a win this week could set the tone for the rest of the year.

As far as our Reacts survey goes this week, the confidence level in the team from a fan’s perspective has maintained remarkably high considering some up-and-down play thus far. After the Colts’ loss to Baltimore, fans gave took some of their confidence away, and it dropped from 93% to 81%. But, after taking care of business within the division, that confidence level has rebounded to 90% before another big game on the horizon.

We, as Colts’ fans, are notoriously fickle. And despite the Packers being contenders, a loss would likely drop confidence in the team well below 80%. However, with a win, we should expect another solid rise in confidence in this team’s potential for the season.

As we move on throughout the remainder of the survey for the week, the first national question was to gauge which Week 11 game the league’s fans are most excited for. The Colts-Packers matchup is a good one, and it made the list this week as did the Colts-Ravens meeting two weeks ago. It didn’t make the top three games though this week.

With the Las Vegas Raiders taking out the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 5, the AFC West could hinge on this second meeting between the two teams. A second win against the Chiefs would bring the Raiders within a game of Kansas City, and a sweep would put them in a very good position going forward.

On the other hand, a Chiefs win would likely keep the Raiders on the outside looking in on a division title, and force them into an intense battle with multiple other teams for a Wild Card berth.

Despite the implications in this game, the Raider-Chiefs matchup is number two on this week’s list.

The game voted as the one fans are most excited to see falls on the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals.

With 37% of the votes, the Cardinals traveling to Seattle has very real implications for the post season. Both teams sit at 6-3, the Seahawks need this one pretty badly. The Cardinals took their first meeting 37-34 in overtime, and the Cardinals have won four of their last five games, with the only loss in that span coming in a 34-31 battle against the Miami Dolphins.

The Seahawks have gone in the opposite direction as of late. They’ve lost three of their last four games and find themselves in a three-way battle for the division with the Cardinals and Los Angeles Rams — all sitting at 6-3.

Moving on, the survey looks into the league’s young quarterbacks, and taking a stab at predicting which will have the best career.

There are some very intriguing quarterbacks to come out of the past couple drafts. Justin Herbert has come out in his rookie season and made incredible progress with the Chargers, Joe Burrow has shown that he has all the potential in the world for long-term success, Josh Allen has made real strides between his first two seasons with the Buffalo Bills, Kyler Murray is killing it right now with real playmakers around him, and most feel Tua Tagovailoa is just getting started with the Dolphins

But, this like any other survey can only have one top suggestion. While I don’t think any rookie quarterback, nor second-year passer can truly be gauged quite yet, The potential is there for all of the above mentioned signal callers.

Murray, though took a commanding win in this survey with 33% of the votes, with Burrow receiving 22%, while Allen and Herbert tied in the third spot where each received 17%. There’s no magic elixir when it comes to quarterbacks in the NFL. Some hit the ground running and never lay off the gas. Others take awhile to get going, some never meet their potential, while a healthy amount are even short-term superstars that fade quickly.

I do think that the NFL is in good shape with some of the young passers, and the only hope is that the list gets longer as the position continues to get younger.

Finally we come to the Week 11 fan picks: