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Matchups to Watch: Week 11 vs. Packers

Baltimore Ravens v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Xavier Rhodes vs. Davante Adams

Xavier Rhodes has been playing like a CB1 this season as he has revitalized his career with the Colts. He will face arguably the best receiver in the NFL in Davante Adams, who is coming off a tough week against C.J. Henderson. The Rodgers/Adams connection has been on fire this season and is the focal point of the Packers’ offense. In fact, Adams has almost twice as many targets as the nearest Packers receiver, and he missed two games. If Rhodes can at least keep Adams in check, Rodgers will not be as comfortable.

Darius Leonard vs. Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers did not recognize Leonard as the best linebacker in the game and he took it personally. It will be fun to watch whether The Maniac can prove Rodgers wrong, or if the veteran quarterback makes easy work of this elite but sometimes inconsistent defense.

Braden Smith vs. ZaDarius/Preston Smith

Braden Smith suffered a minor thumb injury that required stitches this week, so he might not be 100% to face the Packers outside rushers. Za’Darius has been elite once again this season as he already has 8 sacks and is in the backfield consistently. Preston has struggled a bit but he still deserves plenty of attention.

Robert Tonyan vs. Anthony Walker

The Packers really like to run the ball, which means that linebacker Anthony Walker will probably see the field more than the last couple of games. This will certainly be a problem in the passing game against a quarterback that loves to exploit favourable matchups and an athletic tight end that has emerged as a viable threat this year.

JK Scott vs. Nyheim Hines

Last week, we witnessed first hand how special teams play can shape the outcome of a game and the Packers special teams have been terrible this season. Not only that, but starting punter JK Scott has been limited in practice this week with a back issue. With the Colts having one of the best special teams units in the game, perhaps we can get the same type of help again.