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Hot Take: The “interception” was the right call, Colts did not lose the game due to officiating

Baltimore Ravens v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

I know I’m going to take a ton of heat for this one, but the overturned call by the refs after Harbaugh’s challenge was correct. Marcus Peters clearly took 3 steps with control of the ball, and the Ravens recovered the ball once it was on the ground.

I apologize in advance for ruining more of your Sunday by making you listen to the joke of Al Riveron, but the interpretation of the rulebook is on point here. The defensive back had possession, took 3 steps and then fumbled. The rule itself sucks, and we are once again in the grey area of what the hell even is a catch, but my main rule when I’m complaining about the refs is to stop and think to myself “What if this was the other way around?” If that was a Colts defensive back making the interception, would I think we got benefitted by the zebras, or that it was the correct call? And this time, I think the latter one is the answer.

If you want to direct your anger, why not quarterback Philip Rivers? Who underthrew a horrendous pass into double coverage, on 1st down, right after the Colts forced a red-zone turnover. That pass should have never been thrown, that was just flat out stupid from Rivers. Why not Jonathan Taylor, whose fumbled was recovered by the Ravens and returned for a touchdown right when the Colts had all the momentum? Why not Frank Reich, who just cant seem to get this offense going? There is plenty of blame to go around for this one, and some of it also falls on the refs, as there where other questionable calls, but this one was not one of them.