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Colts Stock Report: Week 9 vs Ravens

Baltimore Ravens v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The Indianapolis Colts went into Sunday’s game on the back of a strong victory against the Detroit Lions in week 8. The Colts came up against a team who were coming off a 1 game losing streak having been beaten by the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers the previous week. There were some strong showings during the 24-10 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, and a few poor ones, as well.

Stock Up:

The Colts defense was nothing short of amazing on Sunday against the Ravens. The defense managed to have such a good day mostly in part because of the defensive line. One of the main cogs along the defensive line was Grover Stewart. Stewart was dominant against the Ravens offensive line, consistently pushing his blocker back, shedding his block and tackling running backs and the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage. He is playing alongside some elite defensive lineman too so his level of play and ability to stand out shows how well he is playing.

With TY Hilton inactive against the Ravens Sunday the offense was screaming out for someone to step up and produce. Michael Pittman did just that. Pittman produced 4 catches for 56 yards, which might seem not a lot but considering it was Pittman’s second game since returning from a serious leg injury it’s a very good performance. Also considering the Colts only managed 227 yards receiving in the game, Pittman producing 56 of those yards is no small feat.

Another much needed spark on offense on Sunday was De’Michael Harris. Harris was elevated from the practice squad before the game due to injuries at the position. Harris was used in the Parris Campbell role by getting him in space, out the slot and on jet sweeps and reverses. Harris produced 4 catches for 27 yards and 2 carries for 28 yards. In the absence of Campbell the Colts offense needs a spark of speed and field stretching ability and Harris is producing just that.

Stock Down:

The Colts offense was poor on Sunday and Philip Rivers did nothing to change that, in fact he seemed to be one of the main reasons why the offense was so poor. Rivers consistenly made poor throws and only completed 58% of those throws. Rivers only threw for 227 yards but made 43 pass attempts and averaged only 5.28 yards per pass attempt, his lowest for the year. With the Colts defense playing on a high level the offense needed to do its part to simply score and put the game to rest. The offense did nothing of the sort and only managed 10 points all of which were scored in the first half. Rivers needs to up his game or this team won’t be going far this year.

The Colts offense turned the ball over twice on Sunday. The first was a crucial shift in momentum when Jonathan Taylor fumbled in the fist quarter. The Colts were 7-0 playing behind a dominate defense and were playing very efficiently on offense behind a one score lead. However, Taylor fumbled the ball on the second play of the offensive series and it was returned for a touchdown tying the game. After the fumble Taylor seemingly was phased out of the offense only receiving two carries after the fumble. Taylor finished the game with 6 carries for 27 yards and a touchdown. The majority of his production was in the first half and Taylor pretty much faded away after the fumble. Taylor needs to have a short memory and forget the fumble from Sunday, tighten up his ball security and run with confidence going forward or this will become a bigger issue going forward.