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Colts Cast: Colts need big post-Thanksgiving run to earn playoff berth

The Indianapolis Colts are now 1-2 in the AFC South, as they stand at 7-4 overall after their lopsided loss to the Tennessee Titans in Week 12.

This doesn’t sit well as the Titans own the tie-breaker and are up a game in the standings. The Colts have three more divisional games, starting with Week 13 against the Houston Texans, and two big games against tough AFC opponents (Raiders, Steelers) to finish out their season.

With several other teams heavy in the Wild Card hunt, the Colts really need to do some damage in order to make a push to steal back the division.

DeForest Buckner, Denico Autry, and Bobby Okereke returning to the lineup would certainly help in that regard, but the Colts have another issue on the other side of the ball to worry about as well.

Anthony Castonzo isn’t just an okay left tackle, however, nothing the Colts have to replace him while he’s out is better than just okay. Additionally, on defense, the team is going to have to address the subpar play from Rock Ya-Sin.

The CB has simply not been effective in man coverage, and is putting the unit at a disadvantage with his play as of late. Is the answer to move Kenny Moore around, using him more on the boundary? Or, would T.J. Carrie be a better answer opposite Xavier Rhodes going forward?

Unfortunately, there are more questions than answers with the Colts current state of affairs, and they need to find some answers if they hope to earn themselves a playoff berth.

Do the Colts need to sweep the rest of their divisional games, plus win one of their next two non-divisional games? Are the Colts even capable of winning four of their final five games? Either way, the Colts need some sort of run, because the Wild Card picture is a crowded room right now with quality AFC squads.