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Introducing the Nyheim Hines “Run the Damn Ball” shirt design

Our partners at BreakingT continue to work with Colts running back Nyheim Hines to produce custom shirt designs for Colts fans. The third design of the season allows fans to urge the Colts to “RTDB” or “Run the Damn Ball.” After a massive performance on the ground against the Raiders, and with the ground game really starting to get a head of steam down the stretch, these shirts could be right on time as the Colts make a final push to the playoffs.

As with all of the shirts created in partnership with BreakingT, a portion of the sales proceeds go directly to the Stampede Blue writing team — which helps to fund major projects such as the Anthony Arena Memorial Draft Guide or new major projects the team has been working hard to develop.

We appreciate our outstanding community, especially in a difficult year with a lot of changes introduced by SB Nation. Go Colts!