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AFC South Roundup: Week 16

NFL: Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee Titans (10-4)

Score this Week: Beat Lions 46-25

Even though it looked like a complicated outing for the Lions at the beginning, this game was never in doubt, as the Titans just have a way more talented roster than the Lions, and most importantly, a good head coach. Tannehill made quick work of the Lions mediocre secondary, while the Titans defense managed to do enough to force Detroit to bench Matt Stafford.

Injuries: No new injuries to report

No new injuries for the Titans this week, as they are getting healthy just in time for the playoffs.

Looking Ahead: @Packers

Tough stop for the Titans against a great team that is looking to secure the top seed in the NFC. If there is a game the Titans can actually lose, it is definitely this one.

Houston Texans (4-10)

Score this Week: Lost to Colts 20-27

Yet another heartbreaking loss for the Texans against the Colts, because of a fumble while mounting a comeback in the fourth quarter. Houston definitely has some solid players, but their defense is just laughable, and their offensive line is not well built. Without a first rounder and with limited cap space the Texans are in for a couple of very tough years.

Injuries: Tytus Howard suffered a concussion

Starting right tackle Tytus Howard suffered a concussion early in the game that forced him out of the game and he spent a night in an Indianapolis hospital as preacaution. It does not look like he will ready to suit up against the Bengals.

Looking Ahead: Vs. Bengals

The Bengals are fresh off a win against the Steelers, so they might be looking to make it two in a row. However, there is absolutely zero point in the Bengals winning this one, and Watson will most likely do more than enough to get the dub.

Jacksonville Jaguars (1-13)

Score this Week: Lost to Ravens 14-40

And the losing streak continues! And now the Jaguars are in prime position to secure the #1 overall pick, and quite possibly get Trevor Lawrence.

Injuries: Logan Cooke placed on COVID list, James Robinson banged up

Unless you were counting on James Robinson to get you that Fantasy title, not much worth monitoring here. Robinson will probably be good to go but most likely not at 100%.

Looking Ahead: Vs. Bears

The Bears are trying to get into the playoffs in a weak NFC conference, so they have a lot on the line against the Jaguars. With Trevor Lawrence on the line, there is no way the Jags play to win this one.