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AFC South Roundup: Week 16

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee Titans (10-5)

Score this Week: Lost to the Packers 14-40

Yikes. The Titans were in a position to clinch the AFC South after the Colts’ heart-breaking loss against the Steelers, but instead, they were completely blown out by the Packers in the Green Bay snow. The Titans pulled within just 5 points to start the third quarter but were subsequently blown out.

Injuries: Cornerback Kristian Fulton questionable, Stephen Gostowski, Brett Kern placed on COVID list

The Titans special teams unit has been torn apart because of COVID. Not only did they lose Gostowski, who has been somewhat solid this season and actually won the Titans a few games, but they also lost their All-Pro punter Brett Kern, and we all know how bad their STs regressed with a backup punter.

Looking ahead: @Texans

The Texans are playing disgustingly bad, and now they might not have star quarterback Deshaun Watson at the helm. This is a game that the Titans should win without any troubles, but with the season on the line, they might choke it away.

Houston Texans (4-11)

Score this Week: Lost to the Bengals 31-37

It just gets worse and worse for the Texans, who now lost against the Finley led Bengals. Houston’s defense might be the worst in the entire NFL, and their offensive line has some individual talent, mainly franchise left tackle Laremy Tunsil, but they fail to perform as a cohesive unit. Houston would be having a wonderful tank season, if only they had their first two picks in the Draft...

Injuries: Deshaun Watson questionable

If Deshaun cannot play against the Titans, then it is game over. Watson has been far and away the Texans' best and most important player this terrible season, and if he misses the game, then Houston’s chances at an upset look even bleaker.

Looking ahead: vs. Titans

The Texans abhorrent run defense, versus King Derrick Henry. At least I have Henry in my Fantasy Football league and I’m in the Super Bowl. This one could be ugly.

Jacksonville Jaguars (1-14)

Score this Week: Lost to the Bears 17-41

What is left to say about the Jaguars season? Tank executed to damn near perfection. The Jags secured the #1 pick in the Draft after the Jets’ upset win against the Browns, and look set to take Trevor Lawrence. Sidenote, how on earth can the Bears score 40+ on your defense?

Injuries: Running back James Robinson questionable

Robinson has been among the little bright spots for the Jaguars this season, and in the previous matchup against the Colts he was excellent, so him missing the game would be huge for Indy.

Looking ahead: @Colts

This one could get dicey. As the Jaguars already secured the #1 pick, I believe they will play their hearts out to try and knock us out of the playoffs, given one of the other 3 teams in the wild card race lost. However, the difference in pure talent and coaching is just way too big for luck to be able to decide the outcome in this game.