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Matchups to Watch: Week 13 @Texans

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

T.Y Hilton Vs. His Favorite Opponent

T.Y Hilton has been great throughout his entire career against the Texans. There is just something about him that clicks when facing Houston, so with a couple of matchups against them on the horizon, Hilton can hopefully confirm the end of his season-long slump after putting together some solid play over the last few weeks. If there is one thing this Colts offense could desperately use, it’s TY returning to his previous Pro Bowl form.

Mark Glowinski Vs. J.J Watt

Glowinski has always been the weak link of this offensive line, and with the unit not performing up to its own elite standards (especially with Anthony Castonzo out), the play of Mark has declined a lot. J.J Watt is not the dominant force he used to be, but he can still make plenty of plays to disrupt an opponent’s game plan.

Darius Leonard Vs. Deshaun Watson

By his own standards, Leonard has not been having a good season. He missed some time with injury, and when he has been on the field he has not generated the turnovers he used to create. He is still an amazing tackler and one of the best players on this vaunted Colts defense, but if he can turn it up a bit, then (at full health), this defense could become the best in the entire NFL. On Sunday, he will face a really good quarterback that can make plays with his arm as well as his legs, so Leonard’s athleticism will have to be on full display.

Rock Ya-Sin Vs. Brandin Cooks

Rock has been struggling this season. He definitely has made some improvements, but he does not look fully comfortable in this defense just yet. With his play being especially bad over the last couple of weeks, Ya-Sin will need to turn it around heading into the final stretch of the season in order to prove that he has what it takes to be a starting cornerback in the NFL.

Jonathan Taylor Vs. Texans terrible Run-D

Jonathan Taylor has been steadily improving over the course of the season, and he will have a chance for a huge breakout game against a Texans’ front 7 that is laughably bad. Really, the Texans might just have one of the worst run defenses in the entire NFL. The Colts offensive line as a whole will probably enjoy facing such a soft front 7 after going against some tough ones over the past couple of weeks. I predict that Taylor will run for over 150+ yards and get at least one score (Full disclosure: I have him on my fantasy team and I really need to make the playoffs).