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Afternoon Pancakes Episode 15

This is our 60th Episode!

Minnesota Vikings v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Hey everyone! We appreciate you putting up with us. With COVID-19 changing our lives forever, Stephen and I have decided not to record our podcast if there is something else we should be doing. As a result, sometimes we end up hanging out with our families instead of being timely. As long as you understand that it’s with your ear in mind that we don’t record when the timing isn’t right and that may push our podcast around, we’re going to be fine.

This is a milestone. Stephen and I have recorded 60 episodes of Afternoon Pancakes for Stampede Blue, SBNation and all Colts fans worldwide. We’ve got thousands of listeners from all over the world that we’ve met on social media as a result of Afternoon Pancakes. We are lucky to be here and thank you for your support.

That said, we have not, will not and can not ask you for money, but you could help us if you’d just rate our podcast 5 stars and share it wherever you find it and tell people about us! Additionally, ALL THE OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA SITES SUCK and you’ll end up there eventually, so follow the podcast on Twitter. Follow Jared & Stephen, too.

Please wear a mask and help this nightmare end.