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Matchups to Watch Revisited: @Texans

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

T.Y. Hilton vs. His Favorite Opponent

Hilton could be running with his eyes blindfolded and his legs tied up and he would probably still manage to score against the Texans. There is just something within him that clicks when he sees red and blue in front of him, and he just proceeds to go off. On Sunday he was once again the focal point of the passing offense and he was instrumental in keeping the chains moving.

Mark Glowinski vs. J.J Watt

In the end, the Texans smelled blood when Clark went down with an Achilles injury and placed Watt in front of backup Chaz Green all game long. Green had a really bad game, as Watt just abused him all game long. It is understandable that the backup will struggle against an All-Pro caliber player like Watt, but Green did not even seem to bother the Texans’ defensive end.

Darius Leonard vs. Deshaun Watson

Since the emergence of Buckner as the Colts’ new star on defense, it seems like Leonard has become less of a playmaker, but he is still really good at football. He is great in coverage and tackling and he just does all the little things so well. He also probably had to cover more ground in the passing game without his sidekick Bobby Okereke in the game.

Rock Ya-Sin vs. Brandin Cooks

Ya-Sin had a nice bounce back game against the Texans, but he still has not shown enough for me to consider him a viable long term option. On Sunday, T.J. Carrie started getting some meaningful snaps over him, and saving a bad angle on a 3rd down conversion by the Texans, Carrie played really well.

Jonathan Taylor vs. Texans’ terrible run defense

As expected, JT had himself a really nice game against the Texans, It was especially nice to see his vision considerably improve while also watching him break some tackles and move defenders backwards. Big things are ahead for JT if he can continue to put in the work and improve like he has so far.