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Colts Cast: Colts squeak by in Week 13, need more consistency in final month to solidify playoff berth

The Indianapolis Colts were able to pull one out in Week 13 against the Houston Texans, largely due to the Texans inability to secure a snap in scoring range, rather than the Colts ability to close out the game. The Colts led at halftime 24-20, and managed to only score via a safety throughout the remainder of the game.

That sort of lopsided play between halves, simply will not cut it in the final stretch of the season where the team has the Las Vegas Raiders and Pittsburgh Steelers among their final four games of the year.

“A tale of two halves” appears to be the Colts’ mantra of late, while inconsistency with playcalling, execution, as well as committing unforced penalties seem to be the team’s new jam. If the Colts are going to stamp their playoff berth, they must improve in all of these areas.

Philip Rivers posted some impressive numbers, DeForest Buckner and Kenny Moore proved how much they mean to this defense, and Jonathan Taylor looked as good as he has all season with improved vision and decisiveness with the ball in his hands.

Are the Colts built to close out the season with potentially two playoff teams within their final four games of the year looming? Can the Colts pin down the Texans and Jaguars in their second meetings with the two AFC South foes? And maybe most importantly, can the Colts prove to be more consistent on both sides of the ball in order to secure a playoff berth?

The Colts will have to do it with their third string tackle with Le’Raven Clark being lost for the season and Anthony Castonzo’s expected return uncertain? Can T.Y. Hilton continue what he has started over the past couple weeks and finish the season stacking quality game on top of quality game?