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Reich’s Best/Worst Decisions: Week 13 @Texans

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Best Decisions

1: Going for it on 4th and short near the end-zone.

Going for it was definitely the right choice there. You don’t play to tie, and with a touchdown on that drive the Colts essentially end the game. What happened afterwards muddled the result, but I stand behind the decision to risk it.

2: Stunts on the defensive line

I absolutely loved the amount of stunts we saw on the defensive line on Sunday. Getting Buckner back allowed Eberflus to get more creative and the results were really good. It seemed like the Colts got an absurd amount of free/easy rushes on Watson, but his insane ability to avoid sacks prevented what could have possibly been a 10-sack game for the Colts. Indy will definitely need to be better at wrapping up the opposing quarterback though.

3: Letting Taylor eat.

Taylor was clearly the hot hand against the Texans, as his recent hot streak continued against the Texans. Taylor was a force on the ground, showcasing much better vision and power, and he had a 39-yard receiving touchdown where he showed his elite open field speed. I still believe there was more room for Taylor in this game, as Hines is rather inconsistent and Wilkins has not performed as expected this season.

Worst Decisions

1: Play call on 4th and short

The decision was right, but that play call was not. Why run it up the middle, out of the shotgun, when your opponent has 9 players in the box? I’m faulting Reich on this one but Rivers should have probably audibled out of a play that was doomed from the start.

2: Personnel decisions on 4th and short

So, you have a really good short-yardage back, that has been pushing defenders around all game long, and you have one of the best blocking tight ends in Mo-Alie Cox, or even Jack Doyle, but you go with Hines as the runner, and Trey Burton as the lead blocker on this play? I know Reich explained that Hines was actually good in this situations, (The data says otherwise), but why on earth is Burton the key blocker?

3: Not helping Chaz Green every single play

There was nothing Reich could possibly do about backup Le’Raven Clark going down with an Achilles injury early in the game and having 3rd string tackle Chaz Green, who was even questionable to begin with, forced to start. The Texans smelled blood in the water and placed J.J. Watt in front of him all game long. Reich should have probably left MAC much more in there to block, or at least chip the All-Pro defensive end, and not leave Green on an island so much.