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Colts Cast: How Colts QB conundrum affects their future; Best early draft scenarios with minimal free agency moves

The Indianapolis Colts are in a unique position this offseason in which they really have to consider multiple options to shore up their quarterback position. Additionally, the Colts need another legitimate weapon for whoever is under center in order to improve their overall offensive situation heading into the 2020 season.

The Colts and Philip Rivers have been linked since the day after the Super Bowl, and we’ll discuss who benefits most from that marriage. Also, the Colts “like” Jacoby Brissett, but there’s some exciting quarterback prospects in this year’s draft. So, how do the Colts navigate this entire situation? Matt will go through the three possible outcomes of the offseason at the position, and how the team can set themselves up for the future long-term.

With some recent Colts news coming out regarding Anthony Castonzo, does his return completely alleviate the need for a highly regarded offensive lineman this offseason? We’ll go through that as well as why the smart move to wait on an extension for Marlon Mack is the right approach.

Also on the docket on today’s show, Matt runs through a couple best possible outcome situations — one centered around an offensive early draft approach, and one defensive — with a minimal amount of free agent acquisitions.

There’s a lot to discuss as the 2020 NFL Combine gets under way tonight, and the 2020 NFL Draft is just a couple months out.