Colts Mock Draft

Hey y'all Panthers fan here. I was bored and decided to do a mock draft for the Colts since I'm intrigued by the Colts. So here you go.

At 13, I drafted your hopeful franchise quarterback in Jordan Love. He's very athletic and has a strong arm that has drawn comparisons to Patrick Mahomes.

At 34, I grabbed Ross Blacklock, a defensive tackle from TCU, is very athletic. He finished this season with 40 tackles and 3.5 sacks. Only thing concerning about him is injury.

At 44, I drafted Terrell Lewis, an underrated edge rusher from Alabama. He had a pretty good Senior Bowl, and the Colts should love his potential.

At 75, I got Isaiah Wilson, an offensive tackle from Georgia who could be a possible replacement for Anthony Castonzo down the road or next season if the Colts don't retain Castonzo. We all know Ballard's success on offensive tackles in the draft.

At 112, I drafted Adam Trautman, a rising star at the tight end position, who might not make it to the 4th round. If the Colts let go of Eric Ebron, they may feel the need to take another tight end to pair with Jack Doyle.

At 142, I grabbed Justin Strnad, a linebacker from Wake Forest, who projects favorably as a next-level linebacker. He is a good tackler and knows how to wrap up.

At 173, I finally got y'all a receiver for Brissett or Love in Jauan Jennings. At Tennessee, he wasn't as noticed because of the team's failure in the football program,. However Jennings is a sharp route-runner and good hands.

At 191, I decided to draft Levonta Taylor as cornerback depth, possibly depth at nickel.

At 204, Darryl Williams was the pick for depth on the o-line.

Leave comments down below. If you don't mind leave me a grade on my mock draft. I'm trying to get better at them.

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