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Colts Cast: Colts QB solutions through Free Agency and NFL Draft with Mark Schofield

Despite the majority of the offseason talk being about the Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback situation heading into free agency, and the NFL Draft, the fact is that the team simply hasn’t been in this situation in recent memory. With all of the quarterbacks hitting free agency this year, and the abundance of possibilities in this year’s draft, it only made sense to bring Mark Schofield onto the show for him to weigh in on the matter.

As far as free agency goes, the conversation of Philip Rivers and the Colts being a perfect marriage has dominated the headlines. Sure, there are other possibilities such as Teddy Bridgewater, Ryan Tannehill and a list of others the Colts could possibly pursue, however, Mark has another free agent in mind who would fit the Colts’ system perfectly, and give the team instant post-season potential.

Of course the big question, even after free agency quarterback dominoes begin to fall, is the Jacoby Brissett situation and the bevy of prospects in this year’s draft.

Matt and Mark go in-depth on the top several possible targets as the Colts look to draft their heir to the position. The guys discuss competing thoughts on Tua, what there is to love about Justin Herbert, and what still needs work in his game, as well as how analysts, NFL teams, and the rest of us perceive Jordan Love and Jacob Eason.

Additionally, several other prospects are analyzed, including one quarterback who drew a remarkable comparison, in certain aspects of his game, to one of the best passers in the game today. Another signal-caller is given high praise as a guy who could stand in a huddle and immediately understand all aspects of the offense, as well as another who could be a mid-round selection and could give the Colts athleticism and a solid arm with a lot for Frank Reich to work with in a developmental role with the team. This one may even be a sleeper to succeed above all expectations.

In a nutshell, Matt and Mark ultimately wrap up the conversation until the beginning of free agency which will start to lend some answers to the Colts’ path to rectify the position for the upcoming season.